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Alpha Plants is dedicated to the production of quality young plug plants for commercial growers, ranging from jumbo perennial plugs to liners and 104 cells.

We specialise in offering an extensive range of hardy jumbo perennial plug plants, wildflower plug plants, jumbo grass plug plants as well as a range of plug grown herb and vegetable plants. we also offer a full bespoke service supplying either seed or cutting raised varieties in a plug format tailored to suit your needs.

Whilst the majority of our production is to pre-programmed orders, we do carry a wide range of 50 cell jumbo perennial plug plants available from our current Availability list. We are now taking orders for Perennial & Grass Plugs. (Delivery Wks 7-9, 2015)


αlpha Plants at Millview Nurseries, Fengate Road, West Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 3NE

Tel : 01775 640150, Fax: 01775 640600, Email: enquiries@alphaplants.co.uk  

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